Elizabeth Desiree Productions

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Hello everybody! Thank you for visiting my website!

I am Elizabeth. I am a performer and freelance producer of my own projects. I also regularly sing jazz at live events all around central London.

I am inspired by art, beauty, culture and the natural world. I love to tell stories in my work, expressed through movement, music and improvisation, with fabulous performers.

Aside from singing, I make shows, documentaries and films.

As an actress, I did my first tv job when I was 15, and I have appeared in 4 feature films, including Blowdry for Miramax, Maybe Baby for Ben Elton, numerous TV shows such as " The Wilsons " for Hattrick, on Channel 4,  Doc Martin for ITV, and several commercials.

In May, 2017, I wrote and produced my own show, " Passion of the American Rose ", at the Soho Theatre Upstairs. It featured scene work, acrobatics, classical ballet, jazz music and bellydancing.

I am currently working on the script for my forthcoming production, which will be a celebration of the talents and great artistic achievements brought to us by people from other cultures. It is the story of those who are often marginalised but then they rise with grace, by contributing greatly through art and connecting with us deeply.

Please join me on my journey and come see me perform if you can! I will always post my updates here.

Many thanks xxx